About me

As they all seem, as they all begin, it could have been an ordinary day.

From an early age, however, under the protective wing of Doina Levintza, a friend, a mentor, a guideline, ordinary was not a part of Denis Predescu, who carefully created his daily universe, well concealed within dramatic, architectural, almost surreal lines meant to redesign known beauty. And it all started with an ardent desire to continuously explore the eloigned unknown. That desire never settled.

From an almost undefinable, ephemeral, point of constant yearning for absoluteness, instinctually, In the dimmed light of nocturnal Inspiration, lines crystalize themselves upon an immaculate sheet, frantically sketching what is envisioned as the perfect outfit for an ultimate, but temporary, feminine ideal.

Constantly evolving, from selling through retailers at the age of 10 to showcases in Paris, Abu Dhabi or Moscow (just to name a few), he aims, while preferred words scrutinize the void as he pours another glass, towards, at least, grasping that undeniable admiration for theatrical resplendence. A purpose that will define, through each artefact, the ambitious infinite ahead. And it all remains to be discovered.

The ordinary has no place being here, as they all hope, as they all desire…

Written by Constantin M. Stefanescu